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OVERHAUL OF Elin 2 Speed 250kW / 60kW Generator


Wind Turbine Installer

Customer Job Reference: 

60 / 250 KW TURBINE MOTOR 1085 / 1507 RPM 120 / 435 AMPS

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 17735


A customer had purchased a second hand wind turbine and had asked JJ Loughran to complete a full overhaul on the turbines 10 year old, two speed 250KW/60KW generator as a result of JJ Loughran’s extensive experience with two speed equipment, which are usually a lot more complex machines than single speed generators.

The Solution: 

JJ Loughran engineers went to site and helped the customer to remove the two speed generator in question before the turbine was installed on site. All JJ Loughran site vehicles are fully equipped with all relevant tooling, hoisting and safety equipment.

The generator was then returned to our main engineering workshop.

JJ Loughran engineers carried out a full detailed mechanical and electrical inspection of the generator.

Engineering manager briefed the customer as to the extent of the works that where required and their costs before any work commenced.

A Full disassembly and cleaning of all parts and a further detailed inspection of the 250KW/60KW generators main components was carried out.

We Measured all critical dimension to ensure there was no mechanical wear on shaft of bearing housings.

Balancing of generator rotor on JJ loughran’s new state of the art IRD soft balancing machine, which gives our customers more detailed and comprehensive balancing reports.

Supply an installation of SKF Drive and Non- Drive end bearings.

Full varnish / Re- lacquering and stoving of generator windings.

Please Note: We can if necessary, carry out a full rewind of a generator turbine if there has been a catastrophic failure in the generator windings. We also have extensive expertise in converting the generator from 690 VAC Star to 400VAC Delta.

Reassembly of all parts and test run the turbine generator on our state of the art test bed. All results including rpm, torque, speed and amps were recorded at both 60 KW and 250 Kw respectively.

Full re-spray of generator to original Elin Paint specification.

JJ Loughran engineers then returned to site and reinstalled the generator back into Micon turbine in question, and ensured all equipment was fully operation.

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February 6 2016


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