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Rebuild of Nord Motor and Gearbox


Food Processing Factory

Customer Job Reference: 

Sludge Lifting Conveyor Motor

JJ Loughran Job Reference: 

Job No: 2502C

Customer Contact: 

Engineering Manager


The Original Brief: JJ Loughran engineers where called to the site by the engineering manager. A screw conveyor packing seal had broken down, thus causing raw sludge to travel into the Nord motor and gearbox. The motor & gearbox in question was critical to overall site functioning. The exposure to corrosive agents such as water (from leakage) over a short period of time would have caused catastrophic failure in the motor & gearbox if not repaired.

The Solution: 

As soon as JJ Loughran engineers initially investigated the problem and identified the fault, they proceeded to remove motor & gearbox. As all vehicles are fully equipped with all relevant hoisting and safety equipment, removal commenced immediately. Engineering manager on site was immediately briefed as to the cause, indicating that the breakdown of conveyor packing seal had caused the fault; and would need to be replaced before the repaired motor and gear drive was refitted.
Following an overhaul at JJ Loughran workshop, the motor and gearbox was immediately delivered back to site, refitted, connected and tested. A spare motor and gearbox was later supplied by JJ Loughran to minimise any future down time as requested.

Project Details


February 4 2016


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