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Replacement and upgrade of 4-piece 20Kv MV Switchboard

JJ Loughran engineering team recently carried out a Complete MV switchgear Upgrade.

Works onsite consisted of the following: –

  • Disconnection & Removal of existing Switchgear
    • Disconnection of existing 4-piece switch board.
    • Dismantling and removing redundant equipment from site.
  • Supply & Install of New Switchgear
    • Supply of Quantity 1 * ABB 4 Panel Safeplus Switchboard 24KV 630A 16KA Switchboard

The Board Make Up was as follows:-

  • Quantity 1 * ESB Incomer
  • Quantity 1 * Tx.1 Feeder
  • Quantity 1 * Tx.2 Feeder
  • Quantity 1 * Tx.3 Feeder


  • MV Cable Jointing
    • ESB Feeder * 1
      • Cabling to ESB Incomer had to be disconnected and then reconnected at new switchboard.
    • Tx. Feeders * 3
      • Cabling had to be re-terminated into new switchgear as required
      • Existing cabling had to be rerouted into new switchgear.
      • Glanding, connecting and pressure testing all 3 sets of 3 foil 20KV cables was also carried out..


  • Earthing & Discrimination Setting

JJ Loughran and ABB Set up and tested the HV relays and switchgear tripping discriminations as required and supplied appropriate documentation as required.

  • Battery Tripping Unit
    • Existing on-site battery tripping was re-used in conjunction with new switchgear.
    • Power and Control Cables to new switch boards was installed in new or extended containment within switch room.
    • Verification took place to ensure the correct control cabling from each transformer was verified before final connections took place.
  • JJ Loughran’s Engineering team was responsible for the complete design of entire project to include all electrical aspects as detailed including civil works, design for new MV equipment and services, liaising with client, utility supplier and building contractor to adhere to strict deadline for completion of works.
  • Contract Duration – Main Changeover Shutdown completed in 30 Hours

Project Details


November 24 2019


Electrical Engineering

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