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Sever Generator 150/30kW Turbine generator rewind / overhaul 960/1017 RPM machine


Wind Turbine Installer


Repairing and overhauling Sever generator in local wind turbine.

The Solution: 

JJ Loughran engineers where asked to carry out a full detailed mechanical and electrical inspection of the sever generator which had failed onsite.

Our engineering manager briefed the customers as to the extent of the works that needed to be carried out and their costs. This was discussed before any works had commenced, in this case there had been a catastrophic failure.

We carried out a full disassembly and cleaning of all parts. A detailed inspection of Sever generators main components was also carried out.

We measured all critical dimensions to ensure there was no mechanical wear on shaft, bearing housings or any other main components.

We fully stripped, rewinded & re- lacquered the generator before stoving of stator windings was carried out.

We balanced the generator rotor on JJ loughran’s state of the art IRD soft balancing machine, We Supplied and installed SKF Drive and Non- Drive end bearings as standard.

We reassembled all parts and test run the turbine generator on our state of the art test bed. All results including rpm, vibration, torque, speed and amps were recorded.

We then carried out a Full re-spray of generator to original Sever paint specification.

JJ Loughran engineers helped the turbine operator to reinstall the Sever generator back onsite.

Project Details


February 6 2016


Service & Repair

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