Danfoss IC2 Micro

  • Description

    This quality general-purpose drive is a perfect match for a wide range of applications. iC2-Micro performs with unsurpassed reliability even in complex applications. It gives you user-friendliness, condensed functionality, and easy commissioning, all in a powerful compact package.

    More compact, intelligent, and powerful than its predecessor, the iC2-Micro is designed as an easy replacement for VLT® Micro Drive FC 51. This reliable and durable drive is even easier to use and install. You can reduce system complexity and cost whilst maintaining full performance.

    This drive gives you excellent motor control and mechanical brake performance. New features include torque open loop control, locked motor detection, permanent magnet motor control, and a built-in control panel.

  • Supply voltages and power range

    • 1 x 200-240 V … 0.37-2.2 kW
    • 3 x 380-480 V … 0.37-22 kW

  • Features and Benefits

    • Fast and accurate installation with spring-type I/O terminals for minimal external wiring.
    • Fast commissioning thanks to application wizards and online/offline PC configuration tool.
    • High reliability.
    • Cost-effective and space-efficient investment with less wiring, side-by-side mounting, and a compact footprint.
    • Compatible with all typical motor technologies.

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