Danfoss IC7 Automation Drive

  • Description

    The iC7 series of intelligent AC drives puts the power of compactness and integrated intelligence in your hands, so you can boost machine performance in new ways. With the best heat management available anywhere, this drive delivers high torque performance in a small footprint, so you can get much more power into small spaces. Integrated intelligence enables the drive to function as your most powerful sensor meaning you can regulate your process highly efficiently, saving money by reducing external devices. For quick and trouble-free system integration the frequency converter comes with built-in EMC and harmonic filters.

    Want to manage highly dynamic load cycles in harsh conditions?

    Whatever the environment, the iC7-Automation delivers the reliability and performance you need. With connectivity, security, and intelligence, this drive lets you take advantage of the latest in Industrial IoT.

    iC7-Automation gives you a whole new way to optimize your system with selectable communication protocols and Safe Torque Off (STO) SIL3 as standard. The modular control platform allows you to expand functionality to meet your needs.

  • Supply Voltage and Power Range

    • 3 x 380-500 V AC … 0.37 – 710 kW

  • Features & Benefits

    • Secure-by-design to reduce the risk of downtime caused by unauthorized access
    • Integrated dual Ethernet port with multiple fieldbus protocols enables you to operate flexibly, free of stock costs and lead time
    • STO SIL 3, Pl e as standard, for easier certification
    • Numerous integrated sensors improve performance and control accuracy
    • Highly accurate motor control saves costs and improve performance
    • Expandable, encrypted microSD card-based memory securely records operational data for offline analysis
    • Commission and upgrade fast with plug-in technology and flexible software
    • High power density saves space and reduces cooling costs
    • Integrated filters for EMC compliance even with long motor cables
    • Use our virtual models to speed up and de-risk your development project
    • Increase your synchronization and positioning capabilities

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