Rossi Worm Gear Reducers

  • Description:

    Rossi worm gear reducers offer universal mounting with integrated feet for easy installation in various positions. They are known for their high reliability and tested performance, complying with industry standards.

    The gear reducers feature compactness and standardized dimensions, making them suitable for applications with limited space.

  • Worm gearmotors Cat.A

    • Universal mounting design
    • Rigid and precise monolithic casing in cast iron
    • Cylindrical worm shaft with ground and super finished involute profile (ZI)
    • Load capacity and efficiency to BS 721-83 integrated with ISO/CD 14521
    • Forced ventilation
    • IEC standard motor
    • NEMA motor input option
    • Wide range of accessories and non-standard designs
    • Easy and functional shaft-mounting design
    • Worm wheels of A04 gear reducers and gearmotors made of nickel bronze with controlled phosphor content, in order to achieve improved performance from 6 to 18%, a higher load capacity, greater reliability and more wear resistance
    • Compliance with ATEX 94/9/EC directive (UT.D 123)

    Additional Info

    • 14 Sizes (32 … 250)
    • Power P1 0,09…55 kW
    • Nominal torqueTN2 ≤ 19 000 N m
    • Transmission ratio iN 7 … 16 000

  • STANDARDFIT Worm gearmotors Cat. AS

    • Interchangeability (hollow low speed shaft diameter)
    • Motors to IEC standards
    • Universal mounting with lower feet, integral with casing and B14 flange on 2 faces
    • Rigid and precise cast iron monolithic casing with motor mounting integral flange
    • Improved and up-graded modular construction both for components and assembled products
    • High, reliable and tested performances (Ni bronze)
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Generous internal space between train of gears and casing

    Additional Info

    • 6 sizes (118…742)
    • Power P1 0,09…5,5 kW
    • Nominal torque TN2 ≤ 670 N m
    • Transmission ratio iN 6…75

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