High Dynamic Performance Motors

  • Description:

    In a world where nature’s forces remain untamed, lies a vast potential waiting to be harnessed. ABB’s High Dynamic Performance (HDP) motors are at the forefront of capturing this boundless energy, infusing industries with newfound vigor. These powerful motors can convert formidable forces into relentless rotation, revolutionizing the performance of various machines.

    ABB’s HDP motors are built upon ABB’s well-established technological advantage – market-leading power density. In simple terms, these motors offer a higher power output compared to standard machine motors of the same size. This unique feature provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a dual benefit.

  • Performance Range:

    IP55 fan-cooledM3ET IEC frame sizes 80 to 355
    IP23 blower cooledM3FT – IEC frame sizes 100-400
    IP55 liquid-cooledM3LT – IEC frame sizes 80-180
    Output powerfrom 2.2 to 2000 kW
    Voltage400 – 690 V

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