Wimes Compliant Motors

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    ABB has developed a specialized line of motors explicitly tailored for the water and wastewater industry. These motors not only meet but exceed the stringent standards set by WIMES (Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification). They are designed to provide exceptional protection against the challenging external conditions typically encountered in this industry.

    Available in cast iron frame sizes ranging from 80 to 450 and aluminum frames from 80 to 180, ABB’s motors offer versatility to meet different application needs. These motors are totally enclosed fan cooled, ensuring effective cooling and protection.

    What sets these motors apart is their impressive energy efficiency. They come in two efficiency classes: IE3 premium efficiency and IE4 super premium efficiency. This design ensures they consume less energy and contribute to cost savings, while also meeting the industry’s environmental requirements. These totally enclosed fan-cooled motors are available from 0.75KW to 1,000KW in IE3 premium efficiency and IE4 super premium efficiency classes.

  • The ABB range of WIMES motors can operate in a wide range of water and waste processes including:

    • Fans
    • Transfer Pumps
    • Sludge Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Inflow Pumps

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